Based on a true story

Neha Bhatia, free-spirited and fun-loving who takes life for granted ends up a victim of a fatal accident, leaving her with a severe brain stem injury resulting in quadri-paralysis and comatose. Thus begins the journey of Neha’s recovery, unexpected but not impossible. A journey that explores  unconditional love and support from Ayesha, Neha's older sister.  Ayesha’s immense belief in her sister and undying faith in their sisterly bond becomes the spine of the film. Neha eventually sheds her inhibitions of insecurities and becomes an inspiration to other people through her independence. Sometimes even the eyes that see may not have the vision to inspire or be inspired – it unfortunately takes a tragic happening to realise that life is not to be taken for granted. That life is a blessing to be counted and appreciated everyday and to be celebrated with unconditional love.

Director  Sanjay Arora  Story Concept   Sanjay Arora
Screenplay  Princess Reineeta Lakshman
Singer  Diane Brandt  Song  composer and Music Peter Eisenhauer