EXPRESSION, as the name suggests, is about expressing internal feelings without verbal language. If someone does not know the language of the other person, love can still happen. This film shows that language is not a barrier in love, centering around Karan, an American born Indian from America and Sonya, a Russian bartender in Moscow.

Karan broke up with Ekaterina a while ago, but the memories of her still linger, an open wound yet to heal. His friend Sachin, however, has fared well, and plans to marry in a few days. As a last hurrah, Karan throws Sachin a bachelor party in Moscow, but finds himself unable to enjoy the trip, still saddened by his break-up with Ekaterina. Two nights before leaving for home, Karan meets Sonya, a pretty Russian bartender who proves to be pleasant and surprising company. There is a language barrier between the two, but they are able to overcome it and really make a connection. Karan and Sonya draw pictures to convey their thoughts. Through this unique form of communication, both characters share and grow, ultimately helping Karan to look past his painful love affiar with Ekaterin

Language - Russian, Hindi,English
Producer - Sanjay Arora
Director  -  Sanjay Arora  & Ramana

Actors      Victoria Gruzdyn (Sonya), Katrina(Prostitue) ,Arvind Malhotra( Karan), Sanjay Arora( Sachin), Irina