Director's Note on Film “ONCE AGAIN (Phir Vehi)
“Once Again” is based on the inevitable concept: "Truth of Life". I have been an ardent believer and follower of this concept for many years. 

In reality, Death is the "Truth of Life". "If we are "Aware of Death" in every moment, our life will be full of love and compassion. We will not think of harming anyone."  Since this awareness has transformed my life, I wanted to share this experience with the world. "Once Again" takes this journey to depict the reality of our lives and the process of transformation that will impact many lives positively. I am not talking about living in fear of death. I talk about Awareness. With this thought, life becomes fearless. It changes our perspective of how we look at things around us and makes living life meaningful. Everyone has to go one day from this earth, then why hate someone, why postpone our decisions that require lot of courage? By living our life to the fullest in the moment and fearlessly, there will be no postponement.

Director's Note on Film "Butterfly Wings"
Few years ago, at a social gathering in Delhi, I happened to meet a physically challenged woman with a disabled hand, leg and  impaired speech.  The host who invited me to the party shared the woman's story which revealed that she lived an absolutely normal and independent life till she met with an accident few years ago. However, with her positive attitude and strong will power, she decided to overcome the tragedy while fighting the circumstances with no expectation of sympathy from people around her.